The shocking thing about Hepatitis is that;

According to statistic, 86 percent of Hepatits patients aren’t even aware of their illness. The majority only gets to realize it when it’s either too late or when the sickness has already started knocking them down. 

That’s why it’s called ”THE SILENT KILLER”

What's Hepatitis?

 Hepatitis is a serious liver disease that causes inflammation (swelling and reddening) of the liver cells. 

The liver is a very vital organ that processes nutrients, filters the blood and fights infections in the body. This particular infection known as heptitis only attack the liver, and when the liver is inflamed or damaged, its functions are automatically affected, which can eventually lead to other serious health complications and eventually death.

The most common ways to get hepatitis B include:

1. Sex — If you have sex with someone who’s infected and their body fluids enter your body
2. Drug use — Sharing needles, syringes, or drug equipment with someone who’s infected
3. Accidental needle  sticks — If you get stuck by a needle or other sharp object that was used on an infected person
4. Mother to child — Pregnant women with hepatitis B can pass it to their babies during childbirth. In many parts of the world, this is the way that most people get hepatitis B
5. Through contaminated or  infected water
6. Through fluid contact with an infected person
7. Through blood infusion etc


You can be having hepatitis without knowing, these is what happens to most people, they finaly realize themselves when it’s almost too late.

Signs And Symptoms Of Hepatitis

Common signs and symptoms of Hepatitis include:

Kindly understand that Chronic hepatitis develops slowly, so you may not even notice this signs and symptoms.


My name is David. In my case, I didn’t believe I could be a victim of hepatitis because I thought it could only be contracted from living recklessly, I quite knew a little about it. Little did I know that a slight contact with the disease could change my life permanently.

I started feeling pains around the upper area of my stomach not consistently though but I felt it was just a slight ache from work. At 32 and working with a Television Station as an Editor. I had reasons to always sit for long hours so I assumed it was just a random pain. My greatest regret was not going for immediate checkup.

About two Months later or thereabout, I noticed the stomach pains would last upto 40 minutes whenever it hit, i would struggle to get off the bed due to the pains that came along with it. I could barely carry out simple activities like cleaning, or even bathing. But surprisingly, about a week later the reoccurring pains suddenly stops.

This was the first stage of hepatitis which I didn’t know about. Other symptoms were pains around my joints and loss of appetite. I could not eat solid nor liquid food. I started becoming very lean and I threw up every little thing I managed to eat or drink, thinking it was malaria, I was ignorantly taking treatments for Malaria and Typhoid.

After the early stages of severe pain and loss of appetite, I started vomiting and feeling fatigued even after long hours of rest. I immediately went to the physician around my neighborhood to get some possible drugs. This was another mistake I wish I didn’t make because I was slowly killing myself. 

The physician told me it was probably food poisoning, and prescribe some drugs for me. These drugs include pain relievers which I took three times daily. I was also given gastric juice which I took morning and night. Even after this, I didn’t see any improvements. 

I continued with the drugs until I evetually got tired, there was still no significant improvement. Then i decided to visit the hospital afterwards, because the symptoms was getting more pronounced as time went on.

I was referred from one hospital to another before I was told I was living with hepatitis A. I was given another set of tablets which were supposed to manage it well. I kept using these capsules day and night and thought I would be cured.

About a month after, I woke up one morning and knew all was not well. I looked into the mirror and saw that my eyes were yellow and my face was covered with rashes. I was able to drag myself to hospital for immediate check up. The doctor broke the news of hepatitis B and recommend an immediate operation on my liver because a large portion of it had injuries. This meant I was close to having liver cancer.

I was scared I was going to die. 

I had a friend of mine by name Sam Jude, He was once diagnosed of Hepatitis B, his case was very severe, everyone thought he wasn’t going to make it. But few months later, He wasn’t complaining about the sickness again. Which means he might possibly found himself a cure.

So I quickly contacted him, and explained my whole situation to him. He laughed and told me not to worry, then he recommended to me, the same solution that worked for him. This is all you need, you don’t need anything else he said. If you have the money, just call this number
and request for your package, He texted their number for me. This guys saved my life bro!

At first I felt the price of the supposed treatment was outrageous but then thinking of the money I’ve wasted so far and the thought of me getting operated. I decided to quickly put a call through and placed an order.

I got the delivery the second day and after 1-2 weeks of consistent use, I saw changes, huge changes. I used the treatment as I was directed. My appetite gradually came back and the nausea stopped too. Later on the weakness and fatigue subsided. I didn’t know how it worked but I felt really good after a long while the cost of the treatment was worth it because it worked like wonders.

After completing the treatment I was advised to go back for thorough check up to ensure I was cured of the ailment. The doctor took samples of my urine, saliva and blood. After conducting test after test, I was tested NEGATIVE.

I was able to conquer hepatitis B. That’s the same reason why I’m here today after spending a lot of money.

This is my Testimony.

Mr David Agbor.


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  4. Hepatitis D
  5. Hepatitis E

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7. Repair fibroid cells
8. Riverse stomach and liver diseases
9. Riverse chronic gastritis
10. Reverse atrophic gastritis (Ulcer)
11. Riverse dyspepsia (indigestion)
12. Riverse neurasthenia

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