8 deep things Doctors Secretly Wish They Could Tell You

1. “Be honest. If you’re not taking your medication as prescribed, tell me.”

Patients not taking their prescriptions? “It happens all the time,” says Dr. Armstrong Mettle of Saskatoon. Studies show that in Canada, 20 percent of prescriptions are never filled, and half of those that are filled are taken incorrectly.

Dr. Steve Chambers, a family physician and past president of the Alberta Medical Association, says: “Patients are sometimes afraid to tell doctors they have decided to follow another course of treatment or aren’t taking a prescription. They might have had a side effect and decided to go off it, and don’t want to hurt my feelings by telling me so.”

What you can do: Tell your doctor what you’re really doing. “To make sound decisions,” says Chambers, “the doctor needs as much information as you can provide.”

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